Our dedicated headshot photographers specialize in creating photos that are both professional and flattering for you. Here are some tricks they've shared to help you look your best in your photo:

Before Your Shoot:

  • A good night’s sleep is key to looking refreshed and alert.

  • Stay out of the sun. Sunburns can’t be retouched!

  • Shave for a clean look or trim your beard. A five o’clock shadow can’t be edited out.

Perfecting Your Look:

  • Solid colors and simple patterns are best to keep the focus on your face.

  • Wear freshly ironed clothing.

  • Wear your usual daily makeup and hairstyle. Stylists will be on site to do any final touch-ups and get you camera ready.

During Your Shoot:

  • Chance your expression between photos. Try alternating between a smile, no smile and a grin.

  • Lean into the camera. Holding your weight on one foot towards the camera stretches the neck, creates a strong jawline and brings the eyes into focus.

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