Wagner Malta Santo

General Sales Manager, Chevron Oronite

Wagner Santo is the general sales manager, Americas region for Chevron Oronite. Previously, he oversaw the sales, technical support, and customer services teams supporting all Latin American customers. Before joining Chevron in 2013, Santo had 15 years of experience in oil and gas procurement, sales and marketing, and portfolio mergers and acquisition activities in Brazil, Europe, Asia, and the US. Santo earned a master’s degree in Strategic Marketing Management from Kingston University (UK), and a BSc in Industrial Engineering from Federal University of Rio de Janeiro.

ILMA Conversations International Forum
Monday, September 24  |  9:00 am – 10:30 am

Challenges & Opportunities

High-level lubricant industry executives explore the challenges and opportunities for growth in the global marketplace. How are regulations impacting businesses country to country? What are the cultural implications of doing business and communicating effectively? What's the latest on tariffs? Is Brexit happening? This don't-miss session will help de-mystify the business of doing business on an international scale.

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